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Ammani thrives to represent the tradition of South India. Traditionally, south India was known for using “Natural Wood Pressed Chekku Oil (Naattu Mara Chekku Oil)” for cooking which was rich in Vitamins, natural micronutrients, anti-oxidants and flavor that was extracted by cold pressing of seeds. Bullocks were led around the ‘chekku’, turning the wooden crusher to extract oil.

It can never be denied that, “natural wood pressed chekku oil (Naattu Mara Chekku Oil)” prepared by this process gave strength, stamina and long life to our Ancestors. Since our generation has started using the refined oils, this has become as “Once Upon a Time” story for our generation and may even become as a “Bed Time” story for our future generation.

Ammani has taken a stride to preserve our Traditionby extracting 100% Natural Wood Pressed Chekku Oil (Naattu Mara Chekku Oil) for cooking which will lead us to a healthy life.

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